Voog is positioning itself as the website builder to beat. It offers the best solutions for those wanting multilanguage site options. This builder offers a simplified interface to make things as easy as possible for newbies, but also the option for more advanced users to take things up a notch.

Why not see for yourself using the free trial?


For anyone who wants to launch their website without investing too much effort or time, GoDaddy website builder is one of the top choices. The website editor is pretty straightforward and easy to use. The extensive image library offers high-quality royalty-free images allowing you to enrich your site with stunning photography. Add modern website templates to the equation, and you can easily make your website stand out from the crowd.

GoDaddy’s website building tool also allows you to create a basic online store. Other notable features include a simple navigational structure, SSL certification, webmail services, and a wealth of other features. Moreover, GoDaddy offers various plans at reasonable prices. So, before you decide to use this website builder, you can always test it by trying it for free.

Novi Builder

Novi Builder is a really powerful drag-and-drop HTML constructor. It is perfect for beginners who plan to launch their own sites, as well as for experienced web developers.


An easy-to-use, intuitive website builder with a predefined set of hotkeys that will reduce the time of site creation to a few seconds.

Big Commerce

Out of all the eCommerce builders, BigCommerce offers the most comprehensive tool-set. It helps out with your sales growth by giving you a lot of options in regards to where you want your store to be. For the absolute best at designing eCommerce stores, there’s the BigCommerce app store where you can shop for even more tools, some of them as advanced as they come.

You can head on to the their site and start your free trial to see what’s what before you commit to it.


Jimdo makes creating a website easy, which is perfect for those who still haven’t entered the DIY website building world. There’s even the option of letting Jimdo create a website for you with the AI website builder – Jimdo Dolphin. Jimdo is also one of the few website builders that provide free users with so many tools for creating a website. The lack of live chat support is a minus for Jimdo, as well as somewhat limited ecommerce capabilities. As you’ll see in this Jimdo review, the choice of templates is not the most extensive one, but if you want to make a highly functional site for free, the website builder is up to the task.


For the purposes of this Enjin website builder review, our team of researchers has built an entire website using this effective tool. Simple and intuitive, Enjin really impressed the whole Websitebuilder.org.uk team. There are quite enough features and themes to satisfy most users, but the main focus of this website builder is on guild sites and Minecraft servers.


Ucraft offers an extremely simple and intuitive content editor. There are some free options but they are heavily limited so it’s best to opt for one of their affordable plans. The Ucraft website builder can be perfectly convenient for creating responsive sites, even if you’re a beginner. Their customer service is active 24/7 so they can help you with anything related to the website building process with Ucraft. Although the webmail option is not supported, Ucraft features make up for it as you’re going to see for yourself in this Ucraft review!

Site 123 Ecommerce

SITE123 Stores is a robust e-commerce website builder. It offers numerous online store-specific features, including gateway integration, inventory management, PayPal payments, and many other ones. Plus, even without any website building experience, you can easily create a top-notch online store for your businesses.

Site 123

SITE123 is a website builder that’s exceptionally easy to use. It provides an advanced wizard with tools and premade styles and layouts so people with no design and coding skills can effortlessly create their own website. The end result will be a scalable, mobile-friendly, SEO-ready website!

Wix Stores

Since being founded in 2006, the Israel-based Wix have grown to become a dominant force in the field of website builders. In fact, with an estimated 737,000 websites having been built using Wix, their market share of 22.6% makes them the number one website builder on the market.

Wix have subsequently expanded their offering, as you would expect from such a successful company. In addition to a basic website builder, they now offer an eCommerce solution, called Wix Stores.

Wix websites are known as being great-looking, but they draw some criticism when compared to the powerful features of a WordPress-powered site, for example.

Does Wix Stores follow the same pattern?

How does it compare to the big established eCommerce solutions like Shopify?

All this, and more, shall be revealed in my Wix Stores review!

(Note: this review of Wix Stores is based entirely on my own experiences)


Big Commerce

Out of all the eCommerce builders, BigCommerce offers the most comprehensive tool-set. It helps out with your sales growth by giving you a lot of options in regards to where you want your store to be. For the absolute best at designing eCommerce stores, there’s the BigCommerce app store where you can shop for even more tools, some of them as advanced as they come.

You can head on to the their site and start your free trial to see what’s what before you commit to it.


Weebly offers a fair priced and easy-to-use website builder. With exceptional speed and security, the website building process is top notch and is also accompanied by a solid onboarding and educational system. What Weebly lacked in the past was modern and varied template selection. Well, that’s in the past, as Weebly have upgraded their selection with lots of cutting-edge options.

You can begin with the free pricing plan and, if you like it, upgrade to one of their four pricing plans.



Duda is a website builder that can do a lot of different things. It can be used to create elaborate desktop websites while its InSite triggered-customization feature can be used to push your website to the next level. What makes it one of the the best in the business is its mobile approach to website building. You can either convert an already existing desktop website, or you can build one from scratch with the most qualified mobile website builder.

Alongside the Business+ and the Business+ eCommerce plans, there’s also the Free plan which is perfect for testing this website builder out.

123 reg website builder

The 123-Reg website builder offers a very easy to use, drag and drop system that allows even the most novice of customers to build their own website. If you’re looking to build an online business presence, or an online store, 123-Reg has excellent and powerful eCommerce. This site builder comes in four forms: Website Builder, InstantSite, eCommerce, and WebWorx24.

Go ahead and give any of these options a test drive with the 123-Reg 14-day trial period


Strikingly is specifically created for making one-page websites. Seeing as how that is not the goal of the other website builders, they are nowhere near as good as Strikingly in this department. Specializing in one-pagers has allowed Strikingly to have the most compact, precise and varied website builder for the task, with a mobile first approach in website building. Aside from what they are the best at, Strikingly also offer the ability to create multi-page sites as well.

All the Strikingly plans come with a 14-day free trial period!


Weebly eCommerce

Weebly Business plan put in your hands a diverse and powerful website builder with top-notch ecommerce functionality. Unlimited products, digital goods, discount coupons, advanced inventory management – you name it, Weebly has it. Even if it is not there by default, there would be a handy app to remedy this. Cheaper than other comparable offerings, Weebly eCommerce is value.

Weebly has a free plan to demonstrate the platform; the Business plan is the one you need for ecommerce.

Volusion eCoomerce

Volusion can help you create a decent web store quickly. The design process is assisted and streamlined, enabling a simple and quick initial setup. While there are not many external apps, the in-built functionality is impressive in its own right, covering all the needs of a modern e-shop manager.

Volusion has a 15-day trial.


You can hardly find a better solution for your online store. With impressive templates, great in-built toolset and over 1,500 available apps Shopify can power all kinds of stores. Unprecedented functionality and possibilities for customization come together with all the necessary tools to manage your Shopify store to perfection with minimal effort.

Shopify has a 14-day trial.


Divi is a beast of a site builder disguised as a real beauty. Powerful, intuitive and constantly growing with new features, this site building platform will tap the deepest reserves of your creativity. Easy navigation, logical shortcuts and flexible design blocks allow the creative juices to flow seamlessly toward the World Wide Web.

Divi is a WordPress theme with a spectacular drag-and-drop site builder.


Web.com can get you going in no time. Their team of professional designers can make things even easier, if you are ready to cover their fees.

While not the most powerful platform out there, the Web.com site builder has the basics well-covered. Point-and-click interface and a hefty number of templates give you all the tools necessary to create a professional website quickly.

Web.com site builder has no trial period.


WiX is running very quickly to stay on the spot of the #1 website builder. Its impressive collection of over 400 modern responsive themes sees new additions regularly. Fully customizable, stylish and interactive, they are backed up by an even greater choice of apps.

Check out WiX with their free plan.