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A complete list with reviews of the best website builders of 2020. Find a provider with the best uptime, features and customer support for your business/hobby.

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About Us

What’s Our Mission?

Building a website is not an easy task. We know this first hand.


Our expertise covers different areas of web development, and we’ve always known what a great site should look like and how it should perform. Design, loading times, mobile flexibility, security, SEO friendliness, and many other features need to be taken into account.


While freelancing in Prague, clients and friends would always ask for advice on how to improve their website’s design, how to make it more user-friendly, and how to be more functional without sacrificing speed. In short: how to make it better.


And at the same time, an emerging website builder market was growing larger and larger by the day, introducing massive changes to the landscape.


So, what were we to do? Avoid answering the questions? Ignore the obvious trend?


Rather than tucking in the comfort of what we knew best and overlooking the facts, we seized the opportunity to put our knowledge and skills to a good use.


We sat down and took our time, invested resources and energy to strip down to its basics every website builder on the market, to carefully analyse and review each and every product the numerous platform had to offer. Finally, we felt ready to share our findings so that people — like you — could easily choose the right DIY website builder.


In a nutshell, we eat, sleep, and breathe with the rhythm of constantly evolving website builders for you.


Meet WebsiteBuilder’s Team

This is a broad team of engineers, designers, marketers and bloggers from all over the world, who came together to test and review the website building options available today. You don’t have to waste time and money looking for the best tool to help you realise your vision. All the same, someone has to do the dirty work, and that someone is us. Although we can’t introduce you to the whole team since there are a lot of freelancers and part-time writers and reviewers, we have a team of three people who are in charge of everything on the site.


Harsha – The Reviewer

I started building websites at 19. Although that might not seem that impressive, it was in 2005. Back then, there weren’t as many guides and the website building process wasn’t as nearly as intuitive as it is today. However, I’ve spend so much time trying out various ways to build intuitive websites and it has paid off today. I take great pleasure at reviewing websites and, as you will see, I do it thoroughly!


Tina – Marketing and Outreach Manager

Now that you’re on our site, you’re probably not interested in my job since it’s less important than Harsha’s. However, I’m also curious to explore the website building industry and I try to absorb everything Harsha says.


Raj – Developer

Since Harsha is so busy trying to find and testing various website builders all over the World Wide Web, I’m here to help him out! I make sure everything on our website is easy-to-find and that every feature works flawlessly. If you see a bug on our site, please, report it so I could fix it as soon as possible.


Enjoy the fruits of our hard work and find the best platforms for website building without losing your mind throughout the process. You’d be better off saving your energy for when the heavy work – the actual building of your website – begins in earnest.


 The Review Process – Website Builders


What we do to deliver an unbiased and comprehensive review of each and every site building platform is simple.


We create a subscription and create a small website. During the process of creation, we gauge how easy to use the interface is and how rich the design possibilities are.


When testing a general-purpose website builder, we create a site with ten pages, keeping the number and size of pictures the same to get comparable data.


When testing an ecommerce platform, we add thirty products and descriptions on top of the ten pages.


After that we run benchmark tests for speed, monitor the uptime and bother the support team with obnoxious questions to gauge their response time and knowledge.


In order to get a more representative sample, we test the speed and performance of at least four sites built with the platform under scrutiny.


Once our in-house tests are done, we browse through professional reviews and also end user comments to see if we have missed anything crucial but also to validate the results we have collected.


All our contributors have experience in the field of web hosting, SEO and web design. Some, like Nick, are more specialized in hosting and site builders, while others, like Munni, are SEO specialists, who know how to optimize sites and boost their ranking.


Each and every review passes an internal evaluation by other team members before being published.

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