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DIVI Review

Author: / Date: August 3, 2017


  • Smooth creative process
  • Excellent interface
  • Lifetime package
  • Good plugins
  • WooCommerce integration

About DIVI:

Divi is a beast of a site builder disguised as a real beauty. Powerful, intuitive and constantly growing with new features, this site building platform will tap the deepest reserves of your creativity. Easy navigation, logical shortcuts and flexible design blocks allow the creative juices to flow seamlessly toward the World Wide Web.

Divi is a WordPress theme with a spectacular drag-and-drop site builder.




Free Access to all themes



Free Access To all plugins

Life Time


Free Technical Support

  • Smooth creative process
  • Excellent interface
  • Lifetime package
  • Good plugins
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Needs serious performance optimization
  • Cannot switch to another theme

Ease of use

Divi 3.0 can be installed and configured without breaking a sweat. From there on the website creation can commence with the Divi builder plugin.

It comes with a decent number of templates and over 45 content modules. Through simple drag-and-drop you can embed these building elements anywhere your heart desires, altering the original template as much as wanted.

Be careful, because this website builder can spoil you easily. Editing text, images, buttons and all other features a modern web page needs is remarkably smooth.

While preparing this Divi review I grew so accustomed to the shortcuts this builder has that, on subconscious level, I expect them to be present in all site builders.

Themes and designs

Upon installation you get access to more than 20 Divi theme examples, which aren’t quite ready for deployment.

Instead, they serve as guiding maps, which outline the potential vision of your website. Their good design focuses and streamlines the creative juices, facilitating the creation of beautiful web pages.

All Divi premade layouts are highly editable. More often than not, the final result is a brand new template, which can be shared with other Divi users.

Interactivity and responsiveness

All Divi themes are fully responsive. Still, while working on your design you can switch between different modes, checking out how it would look on cell phones or tablets. There are certain manual tweaks that you can apply to underline specific aspects of the site across the platforms.

However, I tested 4 random sites designed with Divi and their performance was quite disappointing. 3 of them loaded slightly below average time, while the fourth was even slower, despite its optimization.

WordPress has a plethora of optimization possibilities. In general, they are direly needed across the board: image compression, GZIP, cache, minimal redirects, etc., can only help.

When you see some Divi theme examples it becomes clear that it takes serious optimization to make it load faster; there are simply too many features.

It is achievable, though. All you need to do is check a Divi review focused on its performance optimization and speak to the technical support of your hosting company.


Fully compatible with WooCommerce, Divi comes with a few really cool applications designed specifically for it.

Some of them, like the Bloom email opt-in service, can really help you grow your online presence. Bloom can be integrated with Mailchimp and AWeber for a comprehensive email marketing tool.

Emails are an excellent way to broaden your reach, but social networks could be even better. The Monarch plugin covers this aspect of the successful online business, making it really easy to exert influence over various platforms.

SEO features

WordPress provides one of most powerful SEO features out there. They are accessible through Divi too, but for the best results Elegant Themes, the creators of Divi, recommend using Yoast SEO plugin.

The numerous tools available for any WordPress installation aside, this plugin allows you to optimize your site for search engines other than Google. You would gain access to keyword and readability analyses, full customization of meta tags and page descriptions, and rules for archiving posts and old pages.

Full integration with the most popular social media platforms is also possible.

Divi packages

For starters, Divi theme demo can give you an idea what you are getting into, in case my Divi review isn’t quite enough for the purpose.

Otherwise, there are 2 types of subscription. Both have the same features but for different periods of time. You can either go for the annual fee of $89 or gain a lifetime access for $249.

The latter provides support and updates forever, whereas the former would cut these two features once the year is over. This would not break your plugins but will freeze their continuous growth.

If you like what you see after the Divi theme download, I strongly recommend going for the lifetime package. Technically speaking, choosing Divi is a great commitment as switching to another theme is not always that easily achievable.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee, though, so you have some time to check in depth whether Divi is what you are looking for.

It goes without saying that the Divi fees come on top of whatever you are paying for hosting in the first place.

Divi support

Divi has a great, lively community of users, who share and discuss lots of design ideas.

The Elegant Themes support team also is quite good. In case the detailed documentation is insufficient, you can get it touch with them over email.


Divi site builder is a very comprehensive product. It is extremely pleasant to work with. The design possibilities are limitless, functional and beautiful. Its main weakness is the difficult export, i.e. once you go for Divi it is hard to switch to another WordPress solution.

This is something most Divi reviews agree upon.

In this regard, a potential comparison of Divi vs Beaver builder would be unfavorable for the former.

With all this being said, Divi does have numerous virtues.


Q: What is Divi?
A: A WordPress theme with a drag-and-drop website builder.
Q: Is Divi free?
A: No.
Q: What’s Divi support number?
A: Divi Support is only via emails


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