Importance of Using Time Tracking Apps

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinWhether you have 10 employees or 10,000, keeping track of the time they spend working is difficult. Processing the weekly or monthly pay cycle becomes an administrative chore that’s time-consuming and labor-intensive.  At least, it used to be. Today, however, time tracking apps make it simple to automate the process from start to finish.  […]

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinDropshipping is no longer a new term in the eCommerce landscape. It’s now a buzzword as everyone is archiving their dream of becoming a business owner more easily than ever with dropshipping. Doing some simple research about dropshipping, and you can easily see these statistics: $4.08 trillion retail eCommerce sales in 2020, and approximately […]

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinHave you ever found it so intimidating when thinking of starting your dropshipping business? You have to deal with many things, from choosing your dropshipping products to marketing them effectively. A lot of work to do! Fortunately, many resources online can help you get started with dropshipping, and most of them are free. One […]

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinModern young entrepreneurs want to purchase products for their companies hassle-free like they shop for themselves in B2C online stores. That’s why B2B eCommerce is becoming so popular. Forrester reports that B2B eCommerce in the US will reach $1.8 trillion by 2023. Wow, that’s something. If you’re planning to build a B2B webshop, check […]

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinWhat takes the number one spot on your business’s wish list? If you answered “more customers,” then you’ve come to the right place, as it all comes down to traffic. Website traffic is an extremely important driver of business growth. It enables you to gather insights into your audience, efforts, and of course, generate […]

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinWhen we are talking about ecommerce software we can’t miss Shopify CMS. This CMS rightfully occupies the leading position in the software market for online stores. If we turn to some statistics for help, we can easily verify this. Let’s review Google Trends for the term “Shopify”. Shopify can be described as a powerful […]

Social media marketing cheat

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinSome entrepreneurs consider social media marketing a very powerful modern communication tool that connects them with their customers and benefits their brand. If you belong to the other group that doesn’t understand the advantage of the social media marketing, let the facts illustrate a compelling picture. Each month, Facebook has 2 billion active users who […]

Top 10 Shopify Themes For Your Online Store

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin  Setting up and managing an online store can be scary. If you want to succeed you need to consider each step in that process. But before choosing your product categories and launching your online store, there’s one crucial step – picking the best platform. There are a lot of reputable eCommerce website builders but […]

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinProductivity is essential when running a business. A wrong approach can make your business fail. Fortunately, there are many online tools available that can help teams of every size stay focused and on track. Online tools are beneficial in the modern business world as more start-ups are using remote teams, and entrepreneurs are taking advantage […]

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinHow can you get more referral leads to your website? In this article, you’ll learn ten strategies on how you can do this. Have a Referral Program The best way to get referrals is to formalize it. You can do this by having a referral program. This is a program where you give incentives […]