Why Customers Leave Online Stores before They Buy Anything

In today’s blog post, we’ll share with you some of the most common reasons online shoppers leave your store without adding anything to their shopping carts. If you’ve created your online store using some of the best store and website builders in the UK, you know that launching your ecommerce business is not as complicated as building and expanding your customer base. Now, let’s see why digital shoppers leave online stores earlier than you’d expect them.

Not enough product details and imagery

When browsing your store’s inventory, digital shoppers want to get concrete information about the products they’re interested in. Your product descriptions shouldn’t be too broad or unclear. They should deliver short and precise pieces of information about your products. Additionally, if your products come in different variations and colours, you should add a photo for each of them.

Unresponsive customer support

Customer support is one of the most influential tools for building and expanding the customer base. You should consider adding the live chat facility to your site if you haven’t already done so. Let’s say you have a customer that wants to know if you offer a specific product in colours not shown on your site (this is where a detailed product description comes in handy). If your only way of communicating with shoppers is via email, that customer should wait for at least a couple of hours before getting such a simple answer.

More importantly, regardless of which means of support you’re offering to your users, not a single online store can afford slow response times. You customers want answers, and they want them in a timely fashion.

Wrong traffic

If you haven’t done your SEO homework, your store might be getting the wrong traffic. Namely, search engines will try to match your keywords with users’ enquiries. So, try to use search phrases that best describe your business. Much like you’d do with product descriptions, keep your store’s meta descriptions brief and to the point.

Some are just exploring

Don’t worry. Some customers will visit your site only to check your store’s offering. Even though they might not make a purchasing decision while exploring your store, they’re likely to return in the future.

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