Weebly vs Strikingly

Weebly vs Strikingly

There is a plethora of website builders available on the market today. These complex sets of tools are there to make creating a website easy – many modern website builders use a simple drag-and-drop interface and allow users to quickly create a beautiful website without any knowledge of HTML or CSS code.

With this abundance of website builders, an individual or business may struggle to choose a suitable product – which website builders are considered the best? How would they know who wins between Weebly vs Strikingly as some of the most famous being currently on offer? We have compiled this article to compare Weebly and Strikingly while taking into consideration the most relevant aspects of deciding which website builder to choose.

Head-to-head comparison

To reliably compare Weebly vs Strikingly we have broken the products down into several different key areas. In each area, we have provided some basic information and our opinion on which product is better based on our own experience with these website builders.


Ease of Use

How easy a website builder is to use is an important consideration – if the editor is clumsy and hard to use, users may struggle and become frustrated.

Weebly has a fantastic drag-and-drop editor that is both intuitive and straightforward. We found it easy to add website elements, edit content, and manage our website pages. Weebly has the added benefit of allowing users to edit the HTML and CSS code directly which makes it suitable for professional web developers too. This website builder also offers a variety of apps that add extra functionality to your website and are also easy to install and integrate.

Strikingly also has an intuitive drag-and-drop website editor that is easy to use. The toolbars are logically ordered, and the layout of the editor is easy to navigate. Editing content it also straightforward – you can merely select any element and change various parameters with a couple of clicks. Strikingly also benefits from a visual indicator of which website section you are viewing – as you scroll down a page, the section is highlighted in the toolbar on the lefthand side.

There really wasn’t much to choose between the two platforms when it comes down to ease of use – both have superb drag-and-drop page builders that anyone can get a hold of within minutes.



Pre-built themes and templates are an important aspect of a website builder. Many customers struggle to develop a website from scratch and thus rely on templates which they can further customise to suit their needs.

Weebly offers a range of free themes available for use with their platform. There are over 60 templates to choose from, divided into seven categories. All of them are modern, responsive, and well-designed – we could not find any fault at all.

Strikingly, on the other hand, does not feature any templates on its website. Customers must first sign up for their services to see the templates that this website builder has on offer. You can use a range of pre-built templates and then edit the layout and style. While this does give a greater level of freedom, we generally think that Weebly has more to offer in terms of templates and completely pre-built designs.  


Ecommerce Functionality

Most businesses today operate an online store – eCommerce allows businesses to sell their products to a global audience 24/7. If you want to develop an online store, it is vital that your website builder has eCommerce functionality.

Weebly has built-in eCommerce functionality that can be used to create a fully-fledged online store. The process is straightforward, and you can add and manage your products with ease. Furthermore, Weebly features an extensive analytics system which allows you to track the performance of your products and create detailed business reports.

Strikingly also features a built-in online store feature known as “Simple Store”. The name itself implies that this does not contain as many features as the Weebly counterpart. The store management interface is still easy to use and straightforward, but we found that there simply wasn’t the same level of detail.

Due to the lack of features and detail in the Strikingly store, we feel that Weebly has much more to offer in terms of eCommerce.



Security is (and must be) a top priority in today’s online world. The web has become increasingly complex, and when developing a website, you must be sure that your data is secure and your customers’ info will remain private.

Weebly offers password-protected pages, full control of the source HTML and CSS code, SSL certificates, and DDoS mitigation. Moreover, 128-bit encryption is used for payments and all website traffic.

Strikingly also offers exceptional security and uses 128-bit encryption. Furthermore, PC1-DSS compliant security is used for its payment systems.

Concerning security, there really isn’t anything that makes one website building platform stand out from the other – both comply with a high level of security.


Customer Support

When using a website builder, you want the comfort of knowing there is a dedicated support team to help should you encounter any problems. Some website builders offer 24/7 support while others simply have a dedicated help centre.

Weebly has a dedicated support section on its website, and it is possible to contact the customer support team via phone, live chat, or by submitting a support ticket. Furthermore, the support centre contains a plethora of information and tutorials relating to the Weebly platform.

Strikingly on the other hand also provides numerous way to reach out to customer support – phone and live chat being some of them. If your query doesn’t need immediate attention, you could only use the contact form on their website. Apart from that, they have a knowledge base with helpful articles and extensive how-to guides about various aspects of the platform.

Yet again, we cannot choose one website builder over the other as both platforms pay special attention to addressing their customers’ questions.



Pricing is a key consideration when choosing a website building platform. Does the platform offer a variety of price plans and what do these plans include? Is there a free version and, if so, what does it have access to?

Weebly has five different price plans – Free, Starter, Pro, Business, and Performance. The free version of Weebly only contains a limited amount of storage and features, and also includes Weebly ads on your finished website. The paid subscriptions all include a free domain and $100 of Google Ads credit. Furthermore, the paid plans remove any Weebly adverts and offer features such as video backgrounds and support for HD Video and audio – all of which are covered in detail in our Weebly review.

Strikingly, on the other hand, has three plans – Free, Limited, and Pro. The free version of Strikingly has a limited amount of bandwidth and a basic store. Your website must also be on a Strikingly.com sub-domain. The paid plans – which we have details about in our Strikingly review – offer a custom domain, greater bandwidth and storage, and an improved online store where you can sell more products.

Obviously, Weebly has a greater diversity of price plans on offer and deciding which of these website builders offers better value for money depends on your site’s needs.

Final Verdict

Weebly vs Strikingly – the crunch decision!

We would first like to say that we consider both website builders as fantastic choices, and we are confident that you could use either one of them to create a detailed, modern, and responsive website with ease. However, Weebly does have the competitive edge as this platform is more detail-oriented, and provides more features and tools to create a standout website packed full of features and content. Strikingly is potentially better suited to small businesses and personal websites, whereas Weebly has the potential to be used for larger projects.

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