Weebly Monthly Roundup, June Innovations and Improvements

At the beginning of each month, Weebly updates its users about the latest improvements the website building platform made a month before. According to their release notes for June, the Weebly team had been busy last month. They’ve enabled the option of creating customer accounts, as well as the option of marking products unavailable. On top of it all, the product development team improved the website builder’s marketing tools.

One of the first major updates Weebly made in the previous month, the customer accounts feature, focuses on online store owners. From now on, website owners have the option of letting their customers open an account with their Weebly-powered site. This makes the entire shopping experience a whole lot easier. This means that registered customers don’t have to type in their shipping address over and over again. They can also keep track of products they’ve purchased in the past.

Another area that’s been in Weebly’s focus last month is marketing. The website building platform simplified the process of building marketing campaigns. Weebly users now have the option of sending automated emails and adding coupons to lead capture forms. The process of uploading CSV files and organising contacts has also been made simpler.

Next on the list of Weebly’s updates is the option of marking products unavailable. If you want to hide particular products from your online store, you can now do that with Weebly by selecting one of the two statuses – hidden or unavailable.

Lastly, Weebly updated its mobile product. If you’re using Weebly on the go via the website builder’s app, you can now manage your online store reviews straight from your mobile device. Do keep in mind that the newest Weebly updates are not available with the platform’s free plan.

With its latest improvements, Weebly proved that it doesn’t fall into the group of website builders that build a broad customer base only to make their product better when that’s absolutely necessary. This DIY website building platform is continually working on making its products and services better, which is why it is ranked as one of the best UK website builders.

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