Why Are Web Hosting Companies Including Website Builders In Their Services List?

Web hsoting and Website builder


With 9 in 10 adults in the UK using the internet, no wonder website building has become one of the most important things for business owners to do – for both small and big entrepreneurs. Consequently, demand for website builders also has gone up. Hundreds of website builders are popping up to take shake up the growing website builder market.



What are these web Builders?

In simple words a website builder is software application. To be more specific, it is a software tool combined with web hosting service that allows you to design websites without tedious coding and setting up the hosting yourself. They are self-hosted solutions that can help non-programmer to build a website easily and quickly. All you need to know is the potential look of your site and to use a mouse to drag and drop web elements.

Among those 9 out of 10 adults who use internet in the UK, there is a good percentage of users who come online to shop or to browse products online.

It is no more just Amazon or eBay that people browse for shopping online. Thanks to the developed shipping business, many niche specific e-commerce sites have surfaced in the last few years. Over the past few years the demand demand for e-commerce website building in the UK is rising.

Consequently, just like with the website builders, we now have many new and powerful e-commerce platforms, online store builders like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix Stores. These are tools that let you build an online store to display products, manage inventory, ship goods and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with consumers from around the globe.



Why are Web Hosting Companies Entering this Business?

Considering the tremendous possibilities these website builders and store builders are providing to the end user, there has been a huge appreciation for these tools by thousands small business owners who cannot code. Already millions of website have been built using Weebly, Wix and Squarespace, which clearly shows that the website builders are taking a good share web hosting market.

Additionally, they are creating a new website building market. Practically all these website builders include hosting services and this doesn’t remain undetected by the marketing teams of all big web hosting providers.

Apart from these market dynamics, there are two other technical reasons why website hosting companies are starting website builders or in fact why every hosting company should start providing website building tools.

1) Technically, the web hosting companies are already specialized in providing half of the services site building platforms offer, namely – web hosting.

2) Developing website builder tool is also not a rocket science for a proficient web developer team. It is one of the reasons why a new website builder is launching every month.

All these technical and marketing factors are leading web hosting providers like GoDaddy, 123 Reg, FastComet already have functional website builders and promote them actively to all their clients.

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