Squarespace Customer Service Review

Squarespace Customer Service

If you have read our other top website builder articles, you probably noticed that Squarespace is ranked second. It’s aesthetic templates, responsiveness and functionality make it an excellent site building platform. But these are not the only characteristics that make a website builder good. There is always the question of how easy it is to get the needed support in times of need.

That’s why we conducted a detailed research about the ways you can reach out to Squarespace customer service when necessary.

Before we go deeper into the ways you could reach Squarespace customer support, let’s have a closer look at this impressive website builder.


So, What is Squarespace Inc.?

Squarespace is a platform that allows millions of users to create a personal or business websites and online stores. This website builder has been around for about 14 years now, and the trust vested in it by a growing number of clients is proof that the platform delivers and stays current.

With the beautifully designed templates and constantly added new features, Squarespace is becoming the preferred website builder for all kinds of businesses. Restaurants, creative services, fashion industry – you name it. It also places among the top website builders in terms of SEO tools.

You can see the list of other features here.


Squarespace Customer Service

Everybody needs help every now and then. After all, website builders exist in order to help you build a website on your own. And let’s face it, things simply go wrong sometimes. That’s why you need reliable customer service personnel to turn to.

The Squarespace customer care team have been awarded the Stevie Awards (also known as the American Business Awards) several times. They have earned the reputation of being night flawless.

But let’s see why the Squarespace customer service is winning the awards. We’ll go through all the ways you can reach the customer support team and see in detail what makes them so good at their job.

5+ Ways to Reach Out to Squarespace Customer Support


  • Help Site

Before panicking when something seems to be going wrong, try to login to your site to assess the situation. Take a look at the troubleshooting options or the Technical Issues and Security section, which contains some of the most frequent problems and difficulties. After all, maybe you have been worried about something that can be easily fixed.

When you are logged in, you can also access the My Activities tab, where you have an overview of all the recorded customer care tickets made from your account. They can have one of the following statuses: open, awaiting your reply and solved. Via this section, you can browse the tickets’ history and, if needed, reply to any of them or re-open a solved one when it is necessary to continue the communication.

For communication with the customer care team, you could use some of the following options:


  • E-mail

In case you are dealing with some difficulties with your website, you can always email Squarespace. Their team is at your disposal 24/7.

Keep some things in mind, though. When you contact them, try to be as specific as possible: explain what the problem is and include screenshots too. Also, add your location and specify when the problem occurred because it may affect the solution.

Note that Squarespace might ask you to verify your account, strictly as a matter of protecting your account safe and secure.

In case you prefer another form of written communication, you could turn to the Squarespace support Twitter account @SquarespaceHelp.


  • Live Chat

When it comes to live chat, Squarespace operates at specific working hours, precisely between 4 AM and 8 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Note that you should use a desktop computer, as the live chat is not yet supported on mobile devices.


  • No Phone Calls, Please

Don’t try searching for the Squarespace customer service phone number; there isn’t one. Sometimes direct communication over the phone is the fastest solution and maybe the most convenient one, but Squarespace seems to provide a decent explanation as to why phone support is not offered.

As they say, online support is much more effective and visual, as they can view the account and see what the problem is. Moreover, online support provides detailed records, so in case any problems reoccur, they will be able to see how it all began.


  • Guides

With the Contact Customer Care search box, you are a click away from finding the answer to the most common questions. Just type in what you have been experiencing trouble with, and the results will lead you to a viable solution. Or just browse through the detailed guides library, which is organised into sections with screenshots and explanations.


  • Videos

Squarespace also offers a really extensive video library as one way to help you make the most out of their features. So, there is also an option for those of you who would prefer visual guides, instead of reading the manuals.


  • Squarespace Community

Now that we have gone through the main ways of addressing your difficulties to Squarespace support, let’s have a look at some other features which may assist you when building your website or taking it to the next level.

One thing is sure about Squarespace – it has a great community culture.


  • Answers

Squarespace also gives access to Answers, which is a peer-to-peer forum where you can ask questions about the platform, and other fellow users provide answers according to their experience. Simply said, it is a vibrant community of peers who can help you find solutions for problems they have experienced first-hand.


  • Workshops and Webinars

If you are into following lessons, then you’ll really enjoy the Squarespace workshops and webinars. Of course, you can take part in the webinars online from anywhere you want, but the in-person workshops are taking place in the Squarespace offices. We checked, the next one is in New York.

Both workshops and webinars are led by experienced workshop presenters, and every session has a specific topic.


  • Specialists

Specialists is another part of the Squarespace Community which involves designers, developers, photographers and setup experts that you can hire for your projects.


  • Developers

Yes, there is also a Developer Platform in the huge Squarespace Community. Through this platform, savvy developers could get into the Developer Mode and edit the files behind any chosen template with all the tools available. That way you can arrange your site the way you have imagined. Even better, you could start with a blank layout and build your own template.

Pretty cool, right?


  • Circle

The Squarespace Circle is another program which helps creatives build professional websites.

You can become a Circle member if you have built or at least contributed to the creation of 3 or more active websites on the platform. Even though you cannot use the membership for marketing purposes (like representing yourself as a Squarespace designer), you can still get 20% discount and access to advanced Squarespace customer service.


  • Squarespace Blog

We round up the list with their blogs. (They have another, engineering blog, that developers might find very useful.) Squarespace blog is a great way to get in touch with all the new features, templates, websites and so on. Plus, there is always a good read there, so you can fill in your time in a creative and inspirational way through the many featured articles.


As you can see, there is more than one channel of communication with the Squarespace customer service team and the entire Squarespace Community. Choose between contacting them via live chat or email, or simply reach out to other peers who might have been experiencing the same difficulties. Despite the lack of phone support, the alternatives listed above are more than sufficient to address adequately and timely any issue that might arise.

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