Shopify Reveals Their Revamped App Store

This week, Shopify announced on their official blog that their App Store has an entirely new look. The new design is, however, not everything Shopify merchants will notice about the revamped Shopify App Store. The new app store is also far easier to use and find the apps merchants need.

It seems that the recent market changes when Adobe purchased Magento urged Shopify to improve their services as much as possible. According to a blog post on Financhill, Shopify’s senior management stated that they’re not afraid of Adobe. However, it’s clear that the recent market change influenced their decision to revamp their App Store. 

As Shopify mentioned in their blog post, all the improvements related to the new and improved App Store came as a result of their users’ feedback. Paying attention to user feedback and simplifying the process of creating an online store is what greatly helped Shopify become one of the best store and website builders.

Now, let’s take a look at what has changed about the Shopify App Store. One of the major improvements of the new app store is the enhanced search functionality. The store builder’s users will now be able to discover more apps, and those apps will also be the right fit for them. The latter is accomplished via personalised recommendations.

“If a merchant is focused on their first sale, the top app recommendations will be apps that help them reach new potential customers. If they have a ton of orders to fulfill, we’ll recommend apps that streamline their fulfillment,” explained Atlee Clark, director of App and Partner Platform at Shopify.

Another significant change is related to how apps are displayed. Shopify paid a great deal of attention to making apps’ pricing and key features more transparent. Search results will now show all the information a merchant needs to quickly decide if they’re interested in an app or not. So, Shopify apps will now have a short and precise description next to their name along with the pricing details.  

“By prioritizing discovery, we’re evolving the app store from a place a merchant goes to fix their problems, to a place they go to drive their business forward,” concluded Clark.

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