Jimdo Dolphin Features That Were Launched This Summer

At the end of September, Jimdo, one of the leading UK website builders, listed all the changes the Jimdo team made over the summer. Website owners who use the platform’s artificial intelligence website builder, Jimdo Dolphin, will notice many improvements and new tools within the editor. So, here are some of the new Jimdo features.

If you’ve created your site with Jimdo Dolphin, as of this summer, you’ll have the option of adding slide-in and fade-in animations to your site. We’ve already discussed the option of adding animation to your site, so if you’re not sure whether to add Jimdo’s special effects to your site, be sure to check our post about site animation.

With the goal of enhancing websites’ visuals, Jimdo enabled the option of adding different filters to your images. So, now you’ll be able to edit JPEG, PNG, and GIF files on your site. Apart from this, you’ll be able to choose whether you want your site’s navigation to be transparent or go with any of the background colours available.

Jimdo also has something new for website owners who like to play around with colours. The Colour Themes feature allows users to match their sites’ colours with images on their site or their website’s logo. So, they can adjust the colouration level, as well as browse through colour recommendations.

When it comes to search engine optimisation, Jimdo Dolphin offers a few improvements in that area as well. The AI site creator does most of the SEO work automatically. Thanks to this feature, site owners don’t have to spend too much time on this task. The site creator recently enabled Alt tags for images as well as the website statistics tool.

Structure-wise, Jimdo added the Collapsible List, and Call Button elements, as well as the option of duplicating site elements.

Lastly, the Live Chat app is in the Extras section. This is quite a convenient app if you want to provide customer support in a quick and efficient manner.

Jimdo really did invest time and energy to improve their Dolphin product. All we can say is keep up the good work, Jimdo!

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