Importance of Mobile Security in 2017 [Infographic]

The importance of mobile security

Your mobile phone is sacred. It’s yours and yours alone. It holds memories, communications and more information about you than you’re probably aware.

We love mobile phones.

Unfortunately, so do hackers.

Hacker technology has become pretty impressive over the last few years, with over seven times more OS X malware hacks in 2016 than the previous year, and this number will continue to rise as time goes on. If you don’t want your information to be sold or used against you, it’s important to stay on your A-game to keep it out of the hands of hackers.

Think about how much personal and private information you have on that pocket-sized computer, from your social media account information, to banking apps and password keepers. Anyone with access to your phone would have access to your entire online presence; it’s surprising that forty-three percent of mobile users don’t have a passcode.

We’re entering an era of digital guerrilla warfare, and we need to be ready.

SMSGlobal have done this infographic below to show you the ropes and make you aware of the very real threats to your privacy that are lurking in cyberspace. See some important statistics, some key dangers to watch out for and tips on how to avoid getting trapped by the hackers.


Mobile Security Infographic

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