How to Run a Creative Travel Blog without Coding Skills: 15 Awesome Solutions

Create travel blog without coding skills

Content outline:

  1. How to create a blog without coding skills
  2. Elementor Page Builder and Moto CMS Builder: main features (see table)
  3. 15 travel templates and themes: overviews
  4. Bottoms up

Have you ever heard the statement: “Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.”? It means nothing can be more spectacular and intriguing that visiting new places and touching different cultures. With intense web development, traveling all over the world has become more accessible to people. Thanks to a plethora of travel blogs, websites, online ticket/apartment booking, it’s possible to plan a trip down to the last detail. Moreover, a solid traveling blog with fascinating posts and high-quality pictures can become a powerful source of income as well.

No Coding Skills while Creating a Travel Blog: Is it really possible?

Does programming sound fantastically for you? Is it something magic? No, everything becomes simple and understandable when it comes down to using premium WP themes. They serve an excellent solution for both beginners and avid web designers. It’s a great chance to build a powerful site powered with one of the most used CMSs. Moreover, the amazing collection of presented below travel templates are crafted with such all-winning, intuitive interfaces as Elementor Page Builder and MotoCMS Builder. Let’s have a look at their main features:

Elementor Page Builder for WP Moto CMS Builder
Drag & Drop, intuitively clear interface Drag & Drop
Doesn’t require coding skills Doesn’t require touching a line of code
Viewing each element while styling The fastest CMS with load time 1.8 sec
Versatile widgets Plethora of usable widgets
Fully responsive design Completely responsive layouts
Best solution for running a blog Packed with impeccable e-commerce options

To know more info about Moto CMS page builders, see this video.

As you can see, it’s possible to create a responsive, fully-fledged blog without much difficulty. Using one of non profit WordPress themes or MotoCMS-based template allows a developer to save time, money, and efforts. There are 15 different travel themes and templates to start something fresh and advanced on the web.

TripSpot – Travel Elementor WordPress Theme



TripSpot is a tech-savvy solution to make your ideas come true. With its professionally styled design and intuitive interface, you won’t have difficulty to stand out on the web. Coming packed with 4 different blog layouts, the theme gives limitless opportunities to set up a catchy, adventurous travel blog. Taking into account that the global adventure tourism market will continue to grow at a CAGR of nearly 46%, blogs on this topic will surely gain more popularity in the blogosphere, as well as among readers.

Thanks to Elementor page builder, you will have an access to:

  • various custom widgets to organize any type of content;
  • the absolute control over your website;
  • a plethora of ready-made web pages;
  • multiple social icons and hundreds of web fonts.

Journez – Travel Elementor WordPress Theme



If you are used to work with WordPress CMS, Journez is a great variant for this purpose. Alongside a beautiful, inspirational overall look, the theme has a number of impeccable tools. They allow website owners to run an effective blog with various content blocks. In addition to attractive pages for all occasions, the theme boasts:

  • a pack of niche-specific and pixel-perfect pictures;
  • highly functional JET plugin inside;
  • accurately written tutorials and documentation;
  • the effortless one-click installation;
  • an easy, all-inclusive Admin panel to take control over the entire site.

Gravitas – Multipurpose Business Moto CMS 3 Template



Whatever business intention you have, Gravitas can help you run any blog, e-store, corporate site, etc. The MotoCMS-based template will come in handy those who want to shine on the web with a fresh-faced business including the travel niche. Gravitas’ performance is impeccable; web pages load time will satisfy even the most sophisticated user. The layout is equipped with:

  • easy-customizable header and footer variants;
  • multipurpose flexible design suitable for a website of any type and size;
  • e-commerce plugin allowing to establish a fully functioning web shop;
  • accurately designed Contact form to make UX more comfortable.

BoboTravel – Travel Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

Bobo Travel


Any travel adventure is associated with a truly memorable experience, picturesque photos, and life-term recollections. For this reason, a travel-related website has to feature an attractive design which is full of catchy images and visual effects. BoboTravel meets all these requirements and even more:

  • it boasts incredibly fast web pages;
  • it has a plethora of features that can be easily changed up to your wish;
  • it comes with hundreds of modern web fonts, styles, icons, and other typography elements;
  • it offers a number of extra usable web forms.

OceanYacht – Yacht Club Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

Ocean Yacht


This multilingual, incredibly flexible template will serve an excellent platform for developing online yacht business. In addition to luxuriously looking overall appearance, this digital product is packed with premium plugins and ready-to-customize widgets. OceanYacht can satisfy even the most demanded user since it has:

  • everything for setting up an advanced blog page;
  • Multilanguage support;
  • various gallery scripts to display any visual material;
  • completely simple and comfortable Admin panel to control any feature of your site.

Slife – Lifestyle Elementor WordPress Theme



If you’re looking for a powerful, feature-rich blog to reflect your lifestyle, hobbies, or business, Slife can suit your needs. The theme is designed in accordance with the freshest web requirements and standards. Its mobile-friendly design will help you attract the attention of mobile audience as well. Moreover, it comes with:

  • amazing Jet Blog plugin to empower your website;
  • 24/7 life-term support;
  • multipurpose overall website look;
  • comfortable navigation with various tricks like Back-to-top button, tags, etc.

NavyBlue – Scuba Diving Club Moto CMS 3 Template

Navy Blue


Millions of people are dreaming to try scuba diving, but only few of them make their dream come true. If you can offer people a professional help with this mode of underwater diving, try NavyBlue to establish your service on the web professionally. This MotoCMS 3 template is equipped with a plethora of first-rated features:

  • a unique, eye-catching homepage with brilliant visual effects and CTA button;
  • a handy menu options with categories and subcategories;
  • many various web pages for all possible needs;
  • functional footer and headers variants.

Celerony – Creative Splitscreen Elementor WordPress Theme



Celerony is a creative, fresh-faced and impeccably functioning WP theme with a number of capabilities to run an effective blog. Thanks to the incredibly flexible Elementor plugin built-in, a website owner doesn’t need to have any web skills to customize this layout. Celerony boasts a plethora of usable elements like:

  • a universal design which suits many business niches;
  • a mobile-friendly interface suitable for screens of any size and resolution;
  • a package of highly functional JET plugins;
  • a set of niche-specific images for nothing.

Deepdive – Sports & Outdoors & Diving Moto CMS 3 Template



Deepdive is one more creative and tech-savvy template dedicated to underwater sports and not only. The template is chockfull with carefully designed demo, multiple usable web pages, and tons of changeable options like:

  • hundreds of web fonts and icons;
  • the ability to customize any site element;
  • the ability to publish and circulate any material: photos, posts, and videos;
  • an intuitive page builder which doesn’t require any coding experience.

OnVacation – Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

On Vacation


OnVacation is built to help you tell your travel thoughts, ideas, and experience. Its extraordinary, bright, and modern looking design will help your blog stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, the impeccable package of premium tools and features will allow webmasters to turn this theme into a powerful online presence:

  • a plethora of typography elements that can be easily altered up to owners’ preferences;
  • customization without coding skills;
  • a user-friendly, smartly designed navigation throughout the site;
  • lastly, an affordable price for a fully equipped theme.

Waveride – Surfing Club Moto CMS 3 Template



Waveride allows diving into the fascinating world of surfing. This incredibly fast, well-done, and creatively crafted digital product is a real chance to run an effective blog. It doesn’t matter whether you an experienced webmaster or a newbie, you can work with this platform without programming knowledge.

  • an impressively designed layout with mind-boggling visual effects;
  • the built-in Google Analytics to measure your ROI and better understand your visitors;
  • the handy Lazy Load effect to improve the overall website navigation;
  • a stunning blog functionality to post any type of information.

Tourizto – Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme



If your travel business has not yet presented on the web, Tourizto will solve this problem in a matter of several hours. The theme comes with an incredibly flexible Elementor page builder, so you won’t need any web skills to turn it into a solid site. With this theme, your site will become an eye-pleasing world of travel possibilities.

  • packed with heaps of amazing custom widgets;
  • a completely gorgeous design with a well-thought interface;
  • the rich variety of options to customize;
  • perfectly customized for major search engines.

Resortio – Premium Moto CMS 3 Template



With Resortio, webmasters get a limitless range of possibilities. In addition to a fully responsive layout, the template boasts complete cross-browser compatibility. There are tons of amazing options that can be easily modified in accordance to any needs:

  • different typography elements like fonts, icons, colors;
  • various background options;
  • many header and footer types;
  • impeccable social options to connect your business with widely used social networks.

WorldMap – Travel Photo Blog Elementor WordPress Theme



Welcome to one more travel blog theme which is crafted with Elementor page builder. The theme is an all-encompassing solution for the site building process. Webmaster of any skill level can effortlessly transform this layout in a gorgeous blog.

  • an entertaining and informative interface;
  • vibrant colors and modern typography;
  • incredible graphic components;
  • a varied collection of premium plugins supported.

Sanohimi – Exotic Hotel Moto CMS 3 Template



This awesome, creative, and technologically sophisticated template will serve a complete site-building platform. It allows webmasters easily and hassle-free to craft a cutting-edge and feature-rich site for the hotel business. Sanohimi has all the necessary tools to be turned into a travel magazine, travel guide, or hotel review site of all kinds possible.

  • impressively fast-loading layout;
  • a wide range of languages supported;
  • the ability to post different visual information with the help of sliders, gallery, etc;
  • handy, user-oriented Contact form with widgets.

It goes without saying that building a site has become easier and more accessible with designing this collection of templates and themes. Drag-and-drop content editors allow each and every to craft a dream blog because nobody needs any source code or web dev skills. It saves website owners a ton of time while they are working on their website content. And that’s not the whole story! These templates come with accurate, comprehensive documentation and life-term 24/7 support. It’s worth a try.

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