Some Creative Shopify Trends For 2020

When we are talking about ecommerce software we can’t miss Shopify CMS. This CMS rightfully occupies the leading position in the software market for online stores.

If we turn to some statistics for help, we can easily verify this.

Let’s review Google Trends for the term “Shopify”.

Shopify can be described as a powerful and modern Content Management System that offers great functionality to its customers. Undoubtedly, a great interest among readers can be raised by the question of what is happening now, and which direction this system is currently moving.

Well, let’s look at some of popular technologies used by Shopify.


1)  AMP

It’s not a secret that a half of all traffic coming to websites, especially online stores is obtained through mobile devices. We won’t simply say that each Shopify store should be responsive (it’s a must-have feature). We want to mention that performance should be optimized especially for mobile devices. Google is promoting its AMP technology, so we can expect this feature to be integrated directly in Shopify CMS. According to private information from Shopify devs, they are working right now to make it happen.

2)   Oberlo App

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to start your business with minimal investments. Shopify understands requirements of current audience and provides best functionality for these needs. New web stores that are enhanced with this Oberlo app ( from the official Shopify app market can gain a significant competitive advantage early on.

3)   Shopping Marketing Experience

Mailbots, chatbots, recover cart pushers, sales pop-ups, coupons, countdown carts, etc. – all these features allow to convert traffic into sales. Website developers shouldn’t forget about this.


Of course, Shopify app market offers great variety of apps that can accommodate every need. However, we strongly recommend to have a good strategy based on hard data from your target market, so that you don’t install blindly all the awesome tools you see in the app market. They are many but many extensions inevitably slow a site down.

Find out what you want to achieve and then search for the tools that can help you get it in the most efficient way.


However, a strategy for development of a web page must begin with its general structure and feel, before diving into plugins and added functionality. That’s why you should choose your Shopify theme carefully from among many top quality offerings:


The theme has quite good mobile performance. It is compatible with the Oberlo app and integrated with a lot of interesting marketing features.


This theme is super fast. It has great variety of available options and perfect 5-star rating reviews from the customers. Mogo is integrated with a dedicated app which makes customization process must easier.



This Shopify product has clean design, different layouts. The theme has Megamenu, Instagram Shope, Ajax Filter and many other useful features.



The theme uses Shopify Sections that can provide you with the maximum flexibility in the process of the theme’s customization. Fastor uses hover image effect, autocomplete search, notification popup, and much more.  



This web development product uses Ajax Layered Navigation. The feature is superior to tagging and allows customers to find out their best fit at a glance. The theme has product hover and quick view, lookbook, and Instagram gallery module.



When you are looking for the product that suits your project best, take some time for consideration and following the latest project management trends. After all, simply using the newest technologies will bring you no dividends without careful and meaningful application of their numerous possibilities.

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