5 Best Ecommerce Website Builders in 2019 - BigCommerce

The UK ecommerce market is the world’s third-largest e-retail market, and it’s projected to have 66.7 million users by 2023, while the average revenue per user currently stands at approximately £1,100. One of the trends in online shopping is the phenomenon of hosted ecommerce platforms. Some of the best ecommerce website builders you’ve probably heard […]

one-page WordPress theme

Multi-page WordPress themes are losing in popularity, especially when it comes to portfolios and small-business websites. Even though you can convey a lot more information through said themes, one-page themes have found ingenious ways to accomplish the same. Things like parallax scrolling effects, powerful widgets, and full-screen background videos will help you create a stunning […]

The Best Store Builders for Startups

In today’s world, everything is happening online. You can find anything you want on the internet, from trivia facts about your favourite celebrities to mathematical equations and Shakespeare writings. Ever more frequently, people are shopping online too. You can order a Playstation, buy a painting that you like, and even get fresh groceries delivered to […]