Dropshipping is no longer a new term in the eCommerce landscape. It’s now a buzzword as everyone is archiving their dream of becoming a business owner more easily than ever with dropshipping. Doing some simple research about dropshipping, and you can easily see these statistics: $4.08 trillion retail eCommerce sales in 2020, and approximately 27% […]

Modern young entrepreneurs want to purchase products for their companies hassle-free like they shop for themselves in B2C online stores. That’s why B2B eCommerce is becoming so popular. Forrester reports that B2B eCommerce in the US will reach $1.8 trillion by 2023. Wow, that’s something. If you’re planning to build a B2B webshop, check out […]

Productivity is essential when running a business. A wrong approach can make your business fail. Fortunately, there are many online tools available that can help teams of every size stay focused and on track. Online tools are beneficial in the modern business world as more start-ups are using remote teams, and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of […]

5 Best Ecommerce Website Builders in 2019 - BigCommerce

The UK ecommerce market is the world’s third-largest e-retail market, and it’s projected to have 66.7 million users by 2023, while the average revenue per user currently stands at approximately £1,100. One of the trends in online shopping is the phenomenon of hosted ecommerce platforms. Some of the best ecommerce website builders you’ve probably heard […]

At the end of September, Jimdo, one of the leading UK website builders, listed all the changes the Jimdo team made over the summer. Website owners who use the platform’s artificial intelligence website builder, Jimdo Dolphin, will notice many improvements and new tools within the editor. So, here are some of the new Jimdo features. […]