Website Design: Is Adding Animation to Your Site a Good Idea?

Today, you can easily find powerful website builders that will allow you to create your own website in no time. These website development platforms will give you all the website building tools you need. They’ll also provide you with the tools your website could go without. So, you’ll have essential website building components, as well as the ones that enhance user experience and add a certain feel and look to your site. Animations fall into the second category. So, in this blog post, we’ll answer the question of whether you should add animations to your site or not.

Animations can be used in a lot of different ways to add interactivity to your site. You can add different types of animations to the buttons or navigational elements on your site. Your website might already have some sort of animation without you realising that. So, how do you determine whether you need animations on your site or not?

The first step is to think about a particular animation on your site and decide whether that animation has a purpose. So, if you add an animation to the buttons on your site, you’re letting your users know, for instance, that those buttons are clickable and that they can interact with these elements.

Another example of popular website animations is the hamburger menu. Many websites choose these types of menus as they save screen space. However, there is a gap between the menu icon and the menu itself. Something needs to connect these two into one logical section, and that something is animation. So, using this type of animation helps your site’s users intuitively navigate your site.

You’ll also notice that a lot of sites use loading animations. As much as we wanted webpages to load instantly, this is not always possible. So, during the dead time, you shouldn’t let your visitor stare at a blank page, but add loading animations.

On the other hand, some animations don’t focus so much on practical use, but on providing a certain look and feel. You’ve probably seen websites with moving backgrounds or homepages with slideshows. You should use these types of animations in moderation as they can easily distract or bore visitors.

This leads us to a conclusion that if an animation on your site has a purpose, it doesn’t increase your site’s loading speed, and enhances user experience you should include it in your website design.

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